OAV now offers several options for custom event backdrops. Not only will we act as your full-service AV partner, we can now provide the scenic elements, too.


When traditional pipe and drape just won’t do, consider our Hard Panel Scenery and REXframe backdrops to increase event engagement and wow attendees with amazing scenic pieces and stage sets.


Good scenic design has an emotional impact on the success of your event. Reinforce your event themes and wow your audience all while transforming your event space.

Hard Panel Scenery

Hard Panel Scenery is a modular seamless frame and panel system that is used for building screen surrounds, walls and towers for trade shows and corporate events. Hard Panel scenery provides the ability to create and adapt a design to fit any size ballroom or event space.

Other benefits include:

  • Constructed of lightweight aluminum frames bolted together in several combinations using a variety of stock pieces.
  • Acrylic or fabric covered panels attach to the structure with Velcro, providing seamless canvas for lighting effects.
  • Acrylic curves and panels add pop to your design, increasing the visual and emotional power of branding and messaging.
  • Angles, Dimensional Panels, and Flats can be used to add originality and movement to designs.
  • Hard Panel Scenery is ideal for Video Mapping. An entire set or individual elements can become projection surfaces, allowing designers to create immersive experiences for attendees.


REXframe is an innovative gasket signage system. It easy to use, versatile and an eco-friendly solution that commands attention when attendees enter a room. REXframe is constructed of strong, lightweight aluminum and assembled with a simple connector system.

Other features of REXframe include:

  • REXframe can be ground supported, suspended or wall mounted
  • Assembly is completed in just minutes
  • Fully customizable with blank areas for front projection and custom openings for rear projection
  • Single or doubled-sided, cubed or curved
  • Brackets can be installed to support dimensional signage and LED screens
  • Compatible with Hard Panel Scenery, allowing elevation or framing of custom branded prints
  • Perfect for tradeshow booths when used with with walls, towers, and light

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