We help bring your vision to fruition.
We can create plots, renderings, and other drawings to facilitate planning and flawless execution.


We schedule personnel and equipment based on your specifications. We coordinate all logistics to ensure a successful event.


Our project managers and onsite technical team will keep show details on schedule and within budget.


Show Production Services

Pre-planning, show design and rendering, lighting design, and initial budgeting are important early steps with which we can offer support. We have experience negotiating with hotels, convention centers, theaters, and other venues for price points on power, rigging services, audiovisual contracts, and IT services.

After show design is complete, coordination of all audiovisual services, equipment rental, high end labor, as well as interaction and coordination with venue(s) for installation, operation, and removal is provided directly by NK Production, Inc. Changes to show design, equipment rental, and labor allocations are made along the way to accommodate the evolution of the event until it exists in its final state on show site.

NK Production, Inc. can handle content creation. Background images, widescreen blend or LED wall video animations, Power Point presentation design, and musical selections, can be handled by NK Production, Inc. to alleviate your need for another vendor. We can handle cinematic video creations, as we also have a film department, handling shooting and editing, both for show video creation, as well as onsite shooting and editing.

Audio Visual Coordination & Operation

Coordination and logistics are paramount to any successful event. While we’ll be delivering our equipment, coordinating our labor, travel, parking, and handling our daily schedules according to the event’s needs, we’ll also be coordinating with your schedule of events, contacts at the venue regarding loading, power, local codes, etc.


Stage Management

Stage management is often overlooked. Once everything is in place and set up, you’ll need someone to give directions at the event. We offer event management services to do just that. We’ve experienced practically every scenario imaginable, so we know how to handle a variety of situations. With an experienced professional calling the shots, you can rest assured that, no matter the circumstances, your event will run smoothly.

Immediate Contacts

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