The need for webcasting and virtual events is steadily increasing for corporate and association meetings, share holders meetings, executive board meetings, as well as events and conferences.

Webcasting or Virtual Events are a cost-effective way to communicate with your audience who can not attend your event in-person. It can be accessible to viewers from their computers, smart phones, tablets, or televisions for live or on-demand viewing.

Webcasting allows you to share your message by streaming video, audio, visual presentations, and other integrated elements. Some of those elements can include Question & Answer portals, social media, and viewer polling. Virtual events can be streamed to Facebook Live, YouTube, Ustream, or your own web address.

OAV can produce webcasting or virtual event from your office, hotel venue, event center, conference center, or virtually anywhere! Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians are equipped with the latest technology to ensure  successful webcasting, virtual meeting, and event production.

OAV Webcasting & Virtual Events

Association & Corporate Meetings

OAV is with you every step of the way. From planning to successful implementation, we handle all the logic and technical details.
We can help with:
OAV Atlanta Icon Educate
OAV Atlanta Icon Interact
OAV Atlanta Icon Network
OAV Webcasting & Virtual Events


OAV helps you deliver a branded, digital meeting and event experience. Engage your audience from hotels, event centers, office buildings, your home or other facilities.
We can help with:
OAV Atlanta Icon Landing page design to set the proper tone
OAV Atlanta Icon Tech support for each presenter
OAV Atlanta Icon Custom Virtual Display Booths with the printing of your company logo or the events and theme name
OAV Webcasting & Virtual Events


Extend the reach of your event by adding simulcasting to any audiovisual package. OAV's simulcast packages are scalable to any size event and most budgets. Our dedicated simulcast directors use a combination of Broadcast quality fixed, manned, and robotic cameras to deliver maximum audience engagement.
We can help with:
OAV Atlanta Icon Graduations
OAV Atlanta Icon Concerts
OAV Atlanta Icon Worship Services
OAV Atlanta Icon Weddings
OAV Webcasting & Virtual Events

Stockholder & Board of Directors Meetings

Let OAV help you communicate with your members virtually. Screen sharing software platforms helps relay information effectively. A virtual chat room allows your moderator to field audience questions for enhanced interaction.
We can help with:
OAV Atlanta Icon Multi-Site Presentations
OAV Atlanta Icon Live Q&A
OAV Atlanta Icon Unlimited Viewers
OAV Webcasting & Virtual Events

Worship Services

Let OAV help you stay in touch with your congregation online. Broadcast your service from your place of worship or any other location. Virtual chat rooms allow interactive, real time teaching opportunities from multiple locations.
We have everything you need for:
OAV Atlanta Icon Multi-Site Presentations
OAV Atlanta Icon Small group discussions
OAV Atlanta Icon Faculty / Staff Meetings
OAV Atlanta Icon Interactive Q&A and polling

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