We take the weight of advancing the equipment needs for each artist off of your shoulders. Our project managers will talk through each technical rider with each artist rep, then schedule equipment and personnel to ensure seamless execution on show day.


Our project managers meet with you and your team to help coordinate stage location, and efficient movement of personnel and equipment throughout the event site. We help form an inclement weather plan to keep crew and audience members safe.


Our stage managers and technical team execute the plan flawlessly. Set changes are done efficiently and smoothly ensuring punctual start and stop times for each performer.

Producing an outdoor event means sometimes adapting to conditions beyond your control. We have the experience, know how, and equipment necessary to deal with the wind, the weather, and a host of other concerns. From load in to load out everything is done with the safety of the audience, crew, and equipment in mind. Being prepared for anything ensures an enjoyable experience for audience and performers.

Mobile Stages

We provide Stageline Mobile Stages of all sizes. Our mobile stage technicians are manufacturer trained and certified. We closely monitor weather and follow all manufacturer safety protocols.
OAV Atlanta Icon SL100
OAV Atlanta Icon SL250 / SL260
OAV Atlanta Icon SL320
OAV Festivals & Entertainment
OAV Festivals & Entertainment

Audio Systems

Our state of the art speaker systems deliver clean, crisp audio to each and every audience member.
OAV Atlanta Icon Line Array Systems
OAV Atlanta Icon Delay Towers
OAV Atlanta Icon High SPL Monitor Wedges
OAV Atlanta Icon Digital Mixers
OAV Atlanta Icon In-Ear Monitor Systems

Lighting Systems

Our lighting systems and experienced, creative lighting technicians guarantee a spectacular lighting show to compliment and enhance any artists performance.
OAV Atlanta Icon Moving Lights
OAV Atlanta Icon LED Fixtures
OAV Atlanta Icon Controllers
OAV Atlanta Icon Other Lighting Effects
OAV Festivals & Entertainment

This is accomplished through constant practice and the ideal advice.

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