We help bring your vision to fruition. We can create plots, renderings, and other drawings to facilitate planning and flawless execution.


We schedule personnel and equipment based on your specifications. We coordinate all logistics to ensure a successful event.


Our project managers and onsite technical team will keep show details on schedule and within budget.

Audio-Visual Services

OAV installs reliable, user friendly, high quality audio, lighting, and video support systems for houses of worship.

We help you ensure the focus remains on the message.

From a sanctuary system capable of augmenting a live band performance to distributed audio for the lobby and other areas we will work with you to design a system built around your specific requirements and budget.
We offer:
OAV Atlanta Icon Concert quality audio systems to ceiling speakers
OAV Atlanta Icon Video Support
OAV Atlanta Icon Lighting to illuminate and enhance presenters and architectural features
OAV Atlanta Icon System orientation and training
OAV Atlanta Icon Scheduled Maintenance
OAV Atlanta Icon Event Operation
OAV Faith & Worship

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